Welcome to the Balance™ Harness

Lori Stevens of Seattle TTouch, LLC  teamed up with Dolan's Dog Doodads, LLC,  a harness company located in Seattle, WA to create this new harness. Dolan's Dog Doodads incorporated her desires to design the Balance Harness. Together they designed a harness with the fit and quality that Lori has spent years trying to find. The Balance Harness is designed to fit any dog's individual body type while providing comfort, complete freedom of movement, and flexible leash attachment options. Additionally, its unique design offers you the flexibility of multiple adjustment points to ensure that your dog has a properly fitting harness to ensure comfort, proper movement, and safety.

Benefits of the Balance Harness:

It fits any shape of dog (sizing chart) by having a unique design that allows you to adjust every strap. Even dogs who had problems with rubbing from other harnesses can comfortably wear this one.
It allows for comfort and total freedom of movement with soft and sturdy webbing with a variety of colors to choose from.
It is made of high quality materials.
It offers flexible leash attachments using front and back rings or just one ring.
The Balance Harness is made in Seattle, WA.
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Available with and without the neck buckles

See the Balance Harness website for sizes and colors that are available 

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